Oregon Thank You

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Oregon Thank You includes Sisters Fruit Company - apple chips, , Cranberry Sweets - Stout & Pretzel Caramel Corn (we use craft stout beer from Oregon's own Deschutes Brewery, giving our caramel deep undertones of stout flavor. Pretzels are added to the caramel at the same time we add the fresh popcorn so that the whole concoction is bathed in rich caramel flavor), Albina City Nuts - Tavern Nut Mix, Albina City Nuts - Toasted Corn, Gather Nuts - Maple Cardamom Almonds,  Caramel Apple soft caramels, McTavish Bakery - chocolate chip shortbread bites, and Seattle Chocolate - 8 pc assorted truffle bites.  Designed in American made recyclable container with a handmade bow.