Mt. Bachelor Holiday Sampler

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Mt. Bachelor Holiday Sampler includes Smoked Salmon, Sisters Fruit Company - apple chips, Gouda Cheese, Smith Rock Coffee, Focaccia Tuscan style Crackers, McTavish Shortbread - peppermint shortbread bites, Dark Chocolate Honey Pecans, Justy's Pineapple Jalapeno Jelly - Mild, toffee popcorn, Conundrum Trail Mix, salt & pepper toasted corn, triple cherry, Cookie Binge - fresh baked Cranberry Oatmeal jumbo cookie, Cookie Binge - fresh baked butter toffee cookie, Bebop Biscotti peppermint crush biscotti, Bebop Biscotti java biscotti, Seattle Chocolates - Hot Butter Rum truffle bar, savory dip mix, sweet & salty Oregon hazelnuts, candy cane chocolate toffee and caramel apple soft caramels.