Three Sisters Holiday Sampler

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Three Sisters Sampler includes Smoked Salmon, Sisters Fruit Company - apple chips, Gouda Cheese, Smith Rock Coffee, Focaccia Tuscan style Crackers, McTavish Shortbread - peppermint shortbread bites, Dark Chocolate Honey Pecans, Justy's Pineapple Jalapeno Jelly - Mild, toffee popcorn, Conundrum Trail Mix, salt & pepper toasted corn, triple cherry, Wow Bakery GF soft baked peanut butter cookie, Wow Bakery soft baked snicker doodle cookie, Bebop Biscotti peppermint crush biscotti, Bebop Biscotti java biscotti, Moonstruck Chocolates - dreamy dark chocolate cocoa mix and caramel apple soft caramels.